Your organizing your vacation for this year, you have the flights booked, hotel booked, travel insurance covered. Now you are thinking about hiring a vehicle while you are abroad. There is no better way to enjoy your freedom and enjoy a new area, having your own transport can make a vacation much more relaxing…or does it? A lot of car hire companies are renowned for adding additional charges as soon as you arrive to pick up your vehicle.
Taking out car hire excess insurance can save you more money than you perhaps realise at this moment.
For example, some car hire companies can charge upto €7 – €10 per day for excess insurance cover, so on an average 10 day holiday you have added €70 – €100 to your car hire cost. What is car hire excess? And whats the alternative?
Car hire excess is the amount of money you (the driver in this case) will have to pay if the car is damaged in any way, whether your fault or not.
So for instance if you are driving around in Spain in a Ford Ka with an excess of €250, you are involved in an accident that requires the front wing being rebuilt at a cost of €1000. You are charged €250 the other €750 is then covered by the car hire insurance company.
If you then have car hire excess insurance you can claim back your €250 from the excess insurance company. If you dont…your holiday expenses have gone up by €250.

So, to summarize :
1. What we are trying to get accross in this article is that car hire excess insurance is a must for any car hire in any country.
2. It works out cheaper to pay for it with a third party insurance company than directly with the car hire company.
3. It removes a lot of stress from your holiday, no crazy expenses added at the pickup desk.
4. Could save you a small fortune if you are involved in an accident as excess can go as high as €2000
5. It is very easy to set up.
6. If you are a frequent traveller you can get yearly cover to save even more.

Start looking into your car hire excess insurance now before its too late!